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Colorectal cancer education for patients and caregivers, by patients and caregivers.

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COLONTOWN University offers you resources for learning about colorectal cancer - from the very beginning right up to the most cutting edge research - created by the people who know exactly what you are going through.

Come join us in COLONTOWN, a private Facebook community where thousands of colorectal cancer patient and caregivers connect, share experiences, and get educated!


The knowledge I've gained is invaluable!! Thank you!
CRC Caregiver
This is an awesome tool and should help the overwhelmed feeling upon diagnosis!
CRC Caregiver
I always feel like it is me asking the doctors all the questions, because it is all done from the patient's perspective.
CRC Patient
…the content is not similar to other sites because you guys focus on explaining it to patients not just doctors. This is a much better approach in my opinion… I used the…information to convince my oncologist to order a ctDNA test….
CRC Patient


COLONTOWN University is a project of PALTOWN, the nonprofit that supports COLONTOWN, the CRC patient and caregiver online community.

If you are a CRC patient or caregiver, we invite you to join COLONTOWN and connect with thousands of others who share your experience.

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