CRC 101

Newly Diagnosed? Feeling Lost? We’ve Got You Covered!

A Crash Course in Colorectal Cancer

CRC101 is your first stop for learning about a diagnosis of colorectal cancer. From understanding the jargon to tips for navigating your first few weeks, you will find everything here that the thousands of patients and caregivers in COLONTOWN think you should know right from the beginning.

This Learning Center has been developed by the patients and caregivers of COLONTOWN, our private Facebook community.

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What Will You Find Here?

A Place to Help You Navigate Colorectal Cancer

Hi there, welcome to CRC 101! So you have colorectal cancer (CRC) or care for someone with colorectal cancer. You might feel scared and isolated, and have tons of questions — but you don’t know who or what to ask.

CRC 101 is an attempt to have most of the information you need in one place — information that can help you navigate your cancer journey and help make the learning process a little easier.

If you’re unsure about what a term means, check out the glossary.

Start at the Beginning - and Get Connected!

If you’ve just been diagnosed, we have a First Week Survival Guide to help you through it — along with print-outs so you can easily keep track of everything. 

It’s important to note that most of the information we’ll be discussing is US-focused. We have wonderful international COLONTOWN community groups where you can ask questions about treatment options in your country. Join the COLONTOWN Community!

Learning Center Content

Welcome to CRC 101!
The Basics
Biomarker Testing And Me
All About Scans And Imaging
Chemotherapy And Targeted Therapies
Diet & Lifestyle
Need Help Navigating?
Print Me Out!
Questions? Feedback?