Diagnostic and Surveillance Testing

The Whys, Whats, and Hows of Biomarker Testing for Colorectal Cancer

Inside Knowledge About Your Cancer

The Testing Learning Center provides up to date information about liquid biopsies, tumor sequencing, and all the new ways to get information about your cancer. We’ve got not only the science, but also the logistics, covered; how to get a test, and how to get it reimbursed.

This resource has been developed by the patients and caregivers of COLONTOWN.

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What Will You Find Here?

Educational resources about biomarkers and biomarker testing for CRC

We’ve collected some of the best resources we can find to help you understand CRC biomarkers and testing. 

Our team of experienced CRC patients and caregivers have also developed unique resources from the patient perspective, like our Cheat Sheet on which tests are useful to patients at different stages of CRC and different points in treatment.

Dedicated modules about some of the most current liquid and tissue testing options

For each featured testing option, we have worked with the test provider to describe:

  • When the test can be used – what stage, treatment status, etc.
  •  A clear explanation of what you will learn and how to use the data with your care team
  • How you can access the test, and get it paid for

We continue to add new sections over time, so be sure to check back often!

Learning Center Content

Biomarkers and Genomic Testing
Tools You Can Use
Liquid Biopsy/ctDNA Testing: Signatera
Liquid Biopsy/ctDNA (for MRD) Testing: Guardant Reveal
Liquid Biopsy/ctDNA Testing: Guardant360®
Tissue Testing: Immunoscore®
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