Clinical Trials Basics

Get your “planes on the runway” by finding options!

Get Up to Speed On Trials

The clinical trials ecosystem can be hard to understand, and hard to navigate. In this Learning Center,  we’ll help you understand how trials work, how to find clinical trials, and how to understand whether a trial might fit into your treatment plan. 

This resource has been developed by the patients and caregivers of COLONTOWN.

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What Will You Find Here?

How to Find Clinical Trials That Might Be Options

We call this “getting your planes on the runway” – identifying clinical trials that might work for you, before you need them, or when you need them. There are a lot of tools out there, and we will show you how to use them. 

Resources to Help You Make Decisions About Trials

As a CRC patient or caregiver, YOU are the leader of your research team. Your medical team can help, but they will not necessarily know about all clinical trials that you might want to consider. The tools and information you will find in this Learning Center will help you become better able to identify options and discuss them with your care team.