How does xINFORM work?

xINFORM is an oncology platform that gives patients a data-driven and science-validated list of treatment options.  

xINFORM gathers and structures a patient’s medical records to create a summary of their complete cancer journey.

A team of scientists then uses artificial intelligence to sift through current evidence,  including learnings from other cancer patients on the platform, to create a personalized report of treatment options, including rationales and different ways to access novel therapies, from clinical trials to expanded access.

As part of using the service, patients agree to provide their medical records, and to allow their data to be used by xINFORM to improve the ability of the platform to generate options for other patients in the future.

This video provides an introduction to how xINFORM takes a patient’s data, delivers back a treatment options report, and also allows that data to improve the evidence for future patients in a “perpetual trial.”