How are the treatment options ranked?

xCures’ artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology matches each cancer patient with a personalized list of treatment options in 3 steps:

1. Understand you – xCures’ algorithms scan your medical record for distinctive traits to guide customized treatment. These include tumor type, genetic testing results, treatment history, other medical conditions, and more.

2. Identify matching treatments – The xCures platform sifts through multiple sources of leading treatment data to match your key traits from the medical records with the most relevant treatment options. Sources of data include:

  • Published research on which treatments work for similar patients, such as clinical trial results and case studies
  • Databases of treatments that match the patient’s distinctive genetic testing results
  • Outcomes from other patients on the xINFORM platform
  • Recommendations from doctors at leading academic medical institutions
  • Other scientific and medical databases

3. Rank the best options – xCures ranks the matching treatments by the team’s best estimate of how well each could work for you. The algorithms calculate these estimates based on matching with the information above, how often the treatment was recommended by experts to patients with similar traits, and also using data on similar patients who tried those treatments—either from the xINFORM platform or from published research.

These outputs receive a final review by scientists and oncologists, providing you with a ranked options list with the medical and scientific reasoning behind each treatment.