How do I enroll in xINFORM?

To enroll in xINFORM:

1. Go to the xCures website.

2. Provide your basic information:

  • name, email, phone number, zip code
  • date of birth
  • type of cancer
  • date of diagnosis 

3. Provide your medical records. To generate your personalized cancer journey, we need to review and understand your medical history and records. The minimal medical records we need are:

  • the most recent clinic note detailing your treatment and medical history,
  • the most recent imaging/radiology (MRI/CT/PET, etc) reports,
  • all available pathology, molecular profiling, and genomic testing reports (Tempus, Caris, FoundationOne, etc).
    This will be the basis to generate your personalized options report. The more info you supply, the better the treatment options matching.


    See how you can provide your records in the next section of this module.

4. Sign the online participation agreement to provide “eConsent” to our terms of service. 

Your eConsent includes:

  • authorization to request medical records on your behalf. 
  • permission to use your your (de-identified) data. Sharing your experiences with similar patients in the platform allows for collective learning from each other. When you agree to participate in our observational research protocol, you’re gaining access to information about the experiences of other patients and doctors as well as agreeing to share information about your experiences for their benefit.