Workshop goals

Estimated time: 5 minutes

Now is a good time to chat about what you’ll get out of this course. 

In this course, we are giving you the space and guidance to focus on clinical trials — in our own COLONTOWN way. You may choose a different way to engage with clinical trials, which is totally okay. We are taking you on a guided safari tour, and pointing out the giraffes — but if you want to look at the birds instead, that’s your right! We hope at the end of the tour you have gained some insight into clinical trials and have lessened some of the fear around the topic.

Let’s talk about what this course covers. Given that this course is intended for stage IV MSS colorectal cancer patients and caregivers, the focus of the content, the tools we use, and the language will all be geared towards this patient type. However, if you are a different type of patient or caregiver, you can use the process we outline in this course to find trials that are suited for you.

⏯️ Video: Types of trials we’ll look at