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What will I learn?

Signatera is recommended for periodic use over the course of your cancer care, as directed by your doctor, to detect changes in the presence or absence of tumor DNA. 

Signatera reports are simple and easy to read. Talk to your doctor to receive a copy of your report.

How is Signatera different from other liquid biopsies and ctDNA tests? 

Unlike many other tests on the market, a Signatera test requires using your tumor tissue and blood sample to create a customized test just for you. Once created, your doctor can assess whether there is any cancer left in the body with a simple blood draw during routine monitoring. 

Signatera is different from the type of ctDNA blood test known as a “liquid biopsy,” which focuses on looking for the presence of “driver mutations” commonly found in cancers. Liquid biopsy tests are typically ordered prior to therapy to determine a treatment plan based on mutations found in the tumor. Conversely, Signatera is designed to be ordered multiple times over the course of your treatment or during follow-up visits to look for signs of residual disease or recurrence.

How does the process work?

How often should I receive a Signatera test?

  1. In the adjuvant setting (within six months of surgery), you may receive up to four Signatera tests. During surveillance period (after six months from surgery), Signatera can be ordered at the same time as CEA and CT scans.
  2. Signatera recommended blood draw schedule
  3. (In the chart below, “W” = weeks post-surgery and “M”= months post-surgery)

Signatera accuracy in detecting relapse

*Patient-level specificity is 98%. Test-level specificity is 99.7%.
1. Reinert T, et al. JAMA Oncol. 2019. doi:10.1001/jamaoncol.2019.0528.

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