What trials are listed here and why?

Very simply, trials whose sponsors or lead investigators have worked with COLONTOWN University to provide information to members in a patient-friendly format

These trials are not “better” than other trials you might find. They have not been selected by a panel of experts, or chosen for specific scientific merit. It would not be possible to offer any kind of reasonable “short list” of trials that might work for any or all of the patients who visit this Learning Center.

The information about specific trials is presented to provide more clear and usable information than is often available about trials. We hope by building this information out to bring value to patients and encourage trial sponsors to make their information as accessible as possible.

At any given moment, you might search clinicaltrials.gov and find more than 1000 colorectal cancer clinical trials currently recruiting.

This is one of the main reasons why your own oncologist or care team may not know about a specific trial or trials that might be an option for you.

The clinical trials ecosystem is wildly complicated. 

If you are just starting to learn about clinical trials as a treatment option, get oriented with our Clinical Trials Basics Learning Center. There you will find tools:

  • to understand this landscape
  • to better search the main databases of trials
  • and to put together some of the information about your disease and questions to ask that you will need when considering trial options.

If you are considering clinical trials, please join our COLONTOWN Facebook community and ask about our clinical trials neighborhoods. We have 9 groups dedicated to discussing trial options and outcomes.