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What kind of biomarker tests are available?

If you’ve just been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, you’ll likely be given a variety of different tests based on your specific diagnosis and circumstances.

Some of the tests you may take include:

In this video, COLONTOWN’s Scientific Director Manju George gives an excellent overview of the first three types of testing:


Still confused? Don’t worry! We’ll go into each type of testing in more detail in the following sections.

Want to learn more about testing?

Come join us in Colontown Downtown, where you’ll find an active discussion on all types of testing and opportunites to ask questions!

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COLONTOWN University has so much more to offer, from DocTalk videos with CRC experts to easy-to-understand biomarker test breakdowns. We’re here for you! See our list of Learning Centers here.

Last updated: May 18, 2022

Biomarker Testing And Me