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Tumor mutational burden (TMB): Blood/plasma vs tissue

What is tumor mutational burden (TMB) — and what’s the difference between blood/plasma TMB and tissue TMB?

Learn all this and more from Ms. Erin Borchardt from Guardant Health. In this video, Ms. Borchardt discusses blood/plasma TMB — now a part of Guardant360 testing — with Paltown Scientific Director Dr. Manju George. 

This video was recorded in December, 2021.

Table of contents

00:20: Introductions & overview
00:54: Guardant360 CDx
2:25: Chemotherapy & Guardant360 — When to order the test
3:00: Where is Guardant360 available?
3:30: Guardant360 CDx more details for CRC
4:15: The two Guardant360 liquid biopsies — What’s included in each?
6:30: Frequency of Guardant360
7:00: What is TMB?
10:00: FDA approval for Pembro based on TMB
11:30: Why TMB scores vary between tests?
14:00 Other factors that affect TMB
16:41 Blood vs Tissue TMB
21:25: TMB in CRC
23:20: Summary