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Liquid Biopsy/ctDNA Testing: Signatera
Liquid Biopsy/ctDNA (for MRD) Testing: Guardant Reveal
Liquid Biopsy/ctDNA Testing: Guardant360®
Tissue Testing: Immunoscore®
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What is Guardant Reveal?

Guardant Reveal is a blood test for patients with colon or rectal cancer that can be ordered approximately one month after surgery to determine if there is remaining cancer in the body, or at the end of treatment (as part of regular surveillance) to help your doctor detect cancer recurrence (cancer coming back) early.

The results from Guardant Reveal are available approximately one week after Guardant Health receives the sample. The results may help your doctor decide the next best steps in your treatment.

How is this test different than Guardant360?

The Guardant Reveal test is for patients with early-stage colon or rectal cancer (stage II-III), and it looks for evidence of residual or remaining cancer after surgery or systemic treatment.

Guardant360 is a liquid biopsy test for patients with advanced colon or rectal cancer that provides comprehensive genotyping of guideline-recommended biomarkers, including MSI, expanded KRAS/NRAS and BRAF.

Guardant Reveal is not FDA approved at this time. The Guardant Reveal test is an LDT (Lab Developed Test) and is subject to regulation under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA), which governs the accreditation, inspection, and certification of all clinical laboratories. 

Questions about Guardant Reveal?

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