Biomarkers and Genomic Testing
Tools You Can Use
Liquid Biopsy/ctDNA Testing: Signatera
Liquid Biopsy/ctDNA (for MRD) Testing: Guardant Reveal
Liquid Biopsy/ctDNA Testing: Guardant360®
Tissue Testing: Immunoscore®
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Signatera conversations in COLONTOWN


Want to discuss what you are learning? Our crc online community COLONTOWN talks about Signatera a lot! We’ve provided links below to some of the most useful resources and conversations.

NOTE: COLONTOWN is a private Facebook community for patients and caregivers. If you are not a member, the links in this section will NOT work for you. What WILL work is this one:

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Posts on liquid biopsies in COLONTOWN

1. This post has a lot of links and talks about many aspects of using liquid biopsies. Please make sure to click on the various links in this post.

2. This link has an audio file on liquid biopsies, where things are explained in a simple way

3. Dr. Kasi’s Signatera poster at ASCO 2020

4. New article on using CtDNA in colorectal cancer (in trial settings) but a great guidance document for all (note: you must be a member of Rectalburg to see this post)