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Resource Fair: Mental wellness

Coping with your own or a loved one’s cancer diagnosis can be extremely difficult. COLONTOWN has created this list of resources for our Mental Health and Wellness Resource Fair that can be useful for one’s mental, psychosocial, or physical wellbeing.

There are many ways one can cope with a cancer diagnosis and no one program will work for everyone. We thought it was important to share resources for not only how to access therapy, but also find a sense of community, a mentor, local support, as well as the physical aspects of wellness to try and overcome some of the physical hardships of treatment and finding your zen.

Here is the recording as well as a great packet of resource material and handouts.

The fair participants were:

  • Mental Health America (2:15)
  • Imerman Angels (12:55)
  • Cancer Wellness Center (29:40)
  • Chelsey Gomez — Oh You’re So Tough (38:40)

Additional organizations in the materials:

  • Cancer Support Community / Gilda’s Club
  • Zen Caregiving
  • Cancer Care
  • Look Good… Feel Better
  • A Time To Heal Foundation
  • Health Well Foundation

Download the material packet and handouts here: