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Resource Fair: Clinical trial access

Held on November 15, 2023, this Resource Fair was an introduction to free-to-patient resources that enable additional paths to evidence-based investigational treatments. Participating orgs represented a wide variety of such resources that help patients when relevant clinical trials do not seem to be available locally or participating in trials elsewhere seems unattainable:

  • Just in Time Trial Programs
  • Dedicated Research Centers
  • Expanded Access Programs
  • Travel & Expense Assistance

In addition to sharing their organization’s programs, they also provided insight on the types of services they represent. There is an attached resource packet with materials and information on these participating organizations as well as many others in these areas.

The fair participants were (with the noted start times in the attached video):

2:45 – Megan Shulman, Tempus TIME Trial Program
8:20 – Jessica Smalls-Eddy, National Institutes of Health (NIH)
17:20 – Tim Stuhlmiller, XCures
29:30 – Rebecca Fre-Hiwet, Corporate Angel Network (CAN)
39:40 – Tiffany Studebaker-Freeman, Paltown: Second Opinion Project supported by the Lu Family Fund
44:00 – Q&A for all organizations

Additional organizations in the materials:
For accessing investigational treatments:

  • Reagan-Udall Foundation Expanded Access Navigator
  • Start Center (a dedicated research treatment center)
  • Sarah Cannon (a dedicated research treatment center)
  • Caris Life Sciences Right-In-Time

For travel support:

  • Lazarex Cancer Foundation
  • American Cancer Society Lodging Programs – Hope Lodge & Extended Stay America
  • Health Hospitality Network
  • Mercy Medical Angels
  • Air Care Alliance (ACA)
  • Angel Flight Locator
  • PALS (Patient Airlift Services)
  • Angel Flight East
  • Angel Flight West

Additional information about this resource fair:

  • This particular fair was not focused on the area of finding trials, but rather how to creatively pursue options beyond what might be found in a search.
  • Most of these specific resources are US-based, though the concepts and some of the programs are available to international patients.
  • Organizations were chosen based on their services offered for patients and found helpful to COLONTOWN members. While some of these organizations have previously provided grants or sponsorships to PALTOWN, such financial support was not considered in selection for this fair. For more information, see paltown.org/partners/
Download materials packet here: 

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