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Updates in the treatment of locally advanced rectal cancer: Dr. Ciombor

Doc Talks

Dr. Kristen Ciombor from the Vanderbilt-Ingram Center Center discusses “Updates in the Treatment of Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer” in a talk recorded on February 4, 2022 with Paltown Scientific Director, Dr. Manju George. 

The talk covers the evolution of chemotherapy regimens for rectal cancer over the years and provides an introduction to the Ipi+Nivo+RT trial for locally advanced rectal cancer that’s currently accruing.

Trial update from Dr. Ciombor, July 2022: Patients enrolled on EA2201 are currently scheduled to receive 2 cycles of monthly Nivo/Ipi, followed by short course radiation, followed by 2 cycles of monthly Nivo/Ipi, then consideration of surgery. We are in the process of amending the protocol to move all 4 monthly cycles of Nivo/Ipi upfront, prior to consideration of SCRT and TME. If patients achieve a clinical complete response after 4 cycles of Nivo/Ipi, they can potentially omit radiation and surgery. EA220 is currently approved for enrollment at 70 academic and community sites across the United States, with additional sites pending activation.