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Update from ASCO 2021

The world’s largest cancer conference, ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology), held its virtual 2021 session in June. This video is part of our Poster Walks series, where researchers discuss “posters” or research summaries presented as part of the conference. 

For more on Poster Walks, and the full set of videos from ASCO 2021, see our Conference Center section. The rectal cancer discussions are provided here as well. 

Dr. Krishan Jethwa, a radiation oncologist, discusses the OPRA trial, the PANDORA trial, and also reviews proton therapy for rectal cancer in this conversation.

  1. Survival and organ preservation according to clinical response after TNT in locally advanced rectal cancer patients, a secondary analysis from the OPRA trial 
  2. Phase 2 PANDORA trial: Capecitabine+ concomitant RT followed by durvalumab as preoperative treatment in rectal cancer