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Questions to ask your oncologist

Here is a list of questions you may want to ask your oncologist about your chemotherapy treatment:

  • Which treatments will I be getting? Which drug or chemo regimens will they include?
  • Why have you chosen these drugs?
  • How many chemo cycles will I have? What does one cycle consist of? 
  • What is the goal of the chemo treatment?
  • Are there any other ways to achieve the same result?
  • How does it fit into my treatment plan? Will I be having radiation or surgery?
  • How likely is it that these chemo drugs will work? What results have you seen in other patients?
  • How will I know if treatment is working?
  • What happens if chemo doesn’t work or stops working?
  • How will I be getting chemo?
  • Will I be getting a port or PICC line?
  • Where will I get my treatments?
  • How long will each treatment last?
  • What can I expect on infusion day?
  • What do I do if I have any problems with my 46-hour pump?
  • Is icing to reduce oxaliplatin-induced neuropathy something your cancer center/infusion clinic supports?
  • Will I be able to drive myself to appointments?
  • What side effects should I expect and what can I do to be prepared?
  • What pre-meds will I get on infusion day and do they have any side effects?
  • Are you prescribing any medications to help deal with side effects?
  • Is there anything else I can do to help manage side effects?
  • Is there a number I can call if I need to speak to someone out of hours?
  • How do I know when to call your office and when to call for emergency services?
  • Are there any severe side effects that I should be aware of?
  • Will I be able to carry out normal activities (work, driving, housework, exercise, sexual activities, etc)?
  • Will chemo affect my ability to have children? If so, are there any precautions I can take to preserve my fertility?
  • Is there anything that I should do to prepare for treatment to help maximize effectiveness and decrease side effects?
  • Do I need to change my diet?
  • Do I need to make any changes to any prescription meds or supplements that I already take?
  • Are there any clinical trials that would be suitable for me?
  • Can you assist in helping me get a second opinion?
  • If I have stage IV CRC, will you help me find clinical trials I’m eligible for?
  • When it comes to searching for clinical trials for stage IV patients, what advice do you have for me?
  • Can you help me put together a care team including surgeons and radiation oncologists?
  • If I have multiple specialists to take care of my cancer, who will be the point of contact for me?

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Last updated: March 9, 2022