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PTA Resource Fair: Programs & services for kids whose parent has or had cancer

The COLONTOWN PTA (Parents Talking Association) neighborhood hosted an online resource fair on May 18, 2023, focused on resources for kids who have a parent with or have lost a parent to cancer.

So many wonderful organizations support our kids in such a range of ways. From toddlers to teenagers. From diagnosis through grief. From experiences to scholarships. To in-person support to online resources. There seemed to be something for everyone!

Here is the recording as well as a great packet of resource material from these organizations and a listing that includes other organizations as well since our time was limited.

The fair participants were:

  • Dom Hollins from Kesem (starts at 1:00)
  • Becky Keller from WunderGlo (starts at 8:50)
  • Liz Falstreau from Rainbows for All Children (starts at 17:04)
  • Rebecca Hobbs- Lawrence from Dougy Center (starts at 24: 57)
  • Haley Pollack from Bright Spot Network (starts at 34:30)
  • Rachel Antin from One Day to Remember (starts at 42:12)
  • Q&A for all (starts at 48:30)

Moderated by: Meagan Lockhart, Nev Dooley, Julie Clauer

Additional organizations in the materials:

  • Children’s Treehouse Foundation
  • EmpowerHer
  • Help with Hope
  • Inheritance of Hope
  • Melanie’s Way
  • Pickles Group

Download the material packet here: COLONTOWN 2023 PTA Resource Fair Information Booklet