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What are poster walks?

In this section, we offer discussions summarizing colorectal cancer research presented at oncology conferences. The largest oncology conference in the world, ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology), takes place at the end of May every year. Other important conferences include “ASCO-GI” for gastrointestinal cancers, in January, and ESMO-GI (European Society for Medical Oncology) in July.

Poster walks
poster walk
A typical "poster session" at a large research conference

At every oncology conference, a number of research projects and clinical trials results are presented in “poster” format. The data and analysis are displayed on large panels, and the research author is available to discuss the project during specific hours. Often, a senior researcher will lead a “poster walk” during this time, checking in with some of the most interesting or important posters and leading an informal discussion. 

In 2021, we produced virtual Poster Walks for research presented at ASCO from 4 clinicians. Together, these discussions look at a range of research on ctDNA, rectal cancer, and more.

We plan to continue this series in 2022.