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Minimal residual disease in colorectal cancer — Update after ASCO-GI 22: Dr. Kopetz

Doc Talks

In this DocTalk, Dr. Scott Kopetz from MD Anderson discusses minimal residual disease in colorectal cancer with Paltown Scientific Director Dr. Manju George. Recorded in February, 2022.

Table of contents: 

00:48: Overview of the talk
1:17: Minimal residual disease in CRC — Possible how?
2:38: CTCs versus ctDNA
3:00: Different kinds of ctDNA tests
3:43: Why are ctDNA MRD tests exciting?
4:45: What is minimal residual disease (MRD)?
6:30: CtDNA status post surgery
8:30: Single test versus serial tests
9:28: Different scenarios post-treatment
10:26: Currently available tests
11:08: CIRCULATE-Japan results
13:50: DFS by CtDNA dynamics
14:47: CtDNA clearance after adj chemo
15:43: Clinical utility of ctDNA MRD testing
16:40: COBRA Stage II colon cancer ctDNA trial
16:50: CIRCULATE US trial for early stage III colon cancer
19:08: DYNAMIC-III trial
20:06: Clinical utility: Trials for new curative intent treatments
22:27: BioNTech personalized vaccine trial for ctDNA+ patients
24:19: CtDNA MRD testing allows new kinds of trial design
26:32: Proof of principle MRD pilot trials
28:25: Resources for people interested
29:03: INTERCEPT Program at MDA
29:46: FAQ: How to interpret test results?
32:40: FAQ: Quick primer on survival curves
35:15: FAQ: Interval between ctDNA positivity & results on imaging
36:30: FAQ: Can a ctDNA+ status change without treatment?
37:43: FAQ: What does negative ctDNA test status over time mean?
38:50: FAQ: Can the ctDNA+ test tell where the cancer is hiding?
39:37: FAQ: I’m ctDNA+, should I start the next line treatment now?
42:10: FAQ: Is ctDNA MRD testing useful with resected peritoneal disease?
44:28: Conclusions
46:55-59:05 Q&A