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KRAS therapies for CRC: Dr. Kopetz

Doc Talks

Dr. Scott Kopetz from MD Anderson discusses the latest KRAS-directed therapies for colorectal cancer with Paltown Scientific Director Dr. Manju George. Recorded in April 2022.

Table of contents

0:00 Introduction
1:46 What is adaptive resistance?
3:45 Lessons learned from BRAF inhibition in CRC
4:16 Targeting MAPK signaling & adaptive resistance
5:19 Pathways to resistance
7:33 KRAS mutations by tumor type
9:00 KRAS G12C inhibition
11:35 Sotorasib in CRC
12:18 Adagrasib in CRC
13:00 Adaptive resistance to KRAS G12C
23:00 How to combat adaptive resistance?
25:45 CodeBreak 101
27:00 Common mechanisms of resistance to G12C inhibitors
28:40 Summary so far
30:04 Combinations with KRAS G12C inhibitors
31:52 Beyond KRAS G12C
33:05 Clinical development of RAS inhibitors
35:19 KRAS G12D inhibitor- preclinical data
39:15 Other approaches
42:49 Conclusions
45:30 Q & A