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Immunotherapy in MSS Colorectal Cancer: Dr. Fakih

Doc Talks

Dr. Marwan Fakih of the City of Hope Cancer Center takes a deep look at immunotherapy for MSS CRC in this Doc Talk, recorded in January 2022 with PALTOWN Scientific Director Dr. Manju George. Dr. Fakih discusses a number of recent clinical trials in this video conversation.

Table of contents:

1:38: Immunotherapy (IO) in MSS CRC—Broad overview: where are we currently with this?
3:02: What is MSI-H?
4:02: What is MMR?
6:35: dMMR Vs pMMR PD-L1 expression, how IO works
7:46: Why does IO not work in MSS CRC
9:25: KEYNOTE 177 results
10:31: Keytruda/Pembro or single agent IO in MSS CRC
12:17: IMblaze 370 trial Atezo+Cobi vs Atezo vs Stivarga in MSS CRC
13:35: CO.26 Double IO (CTLA4i+PD1i) vs best supportive care in MSS CRC
14:55: Liver mets & effect on IO-mice studies, what might be happening?
17:23: IO in mCRC patients: liver mets, a biomarker for lack of efficacy?
19:39: Immune modulatory effects of Stivarga
20:55: REGONIVO CRC-Japanese trial & similar combinations, results from GI22
28:10: CAMILLA CRC (Cabo+Durva) trial results
32:00: LEAP-005 trial (Lenva-pembro)
33:00: REGONIVO US study: why liver mets don’t seem to respond
38:10: New approaches for IO in CRC with liver mets
39:35: Summary
40:23: Other directions
42:50: Q & A Association of liver resection in the response to IO
45:00: Role of TMB in response to IO
48:22: Radiation therapy+IO in MSS CRC
50:46: Biomarkers for IO efficacy: TMB? CPS scoring? Others?
53:04: Role of gut microbiome?
57:21: IO in lymph node only metastases?
54:46: Treatment sequencing with IO?