Biomarkers and Genomic Testing
Tools You Can Use
Liquid Biopsy/ctDNA Testing: Signatera
Liquid Biopsy/ctDNA (for MRD) Testing: Guardant Reveal
Liquid Biopsy/ctDNA Testing: Guardant360®
Tissue Testing: Immunoscore®
Questions? Feedback?

How do I get tested?

Signatera can only be ordered by your doctor (including your surgeon, oncologist, or primary care physician). Please ask your physician whether Signatera is for you. 

Once the test is ordered, how do I get my blood drawn?

When your physician orders Signatera, Natera will provide you with services to ensure your testing experience is as easy as possible.

If I live outside of the US, can I order Signatera?

Absolutely! Natera’s patient coordinators can connect you with local representatives.

Dedicated patient coordinators

If you are unable to have your blood drawn at your physician’s office, Natera’s patient coordinator team will call to provide a variety of blood draw options and to schedule an appointment that works for you. A blood draw kit will be shipped to you. Please take the kit with you to your blood draw appointment.

Complimentary blood services

After your appointment is scheduled, a phlebotomist will arrive at your home or the scheduled blood draw location. You will be notified when they’re on their way. The phlebotomist will pack and ship the blood samples to Natera for testing. Once your test results are ready, your physician will be notified.

How long does it take to get results?

The first time the Signatera test is ordered, it will take two to three weeks from the date of the lab’s receipt of your tumor tissue and required blood samples to design your personalized test.

After your test has been designed

It will take approximately one week after your blood sample is received in the lab for your test results to become available to your physician.

Questions about Signatera? Email [email protected] or call +1.650.489.905