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HER2 as an emerging target for metastatic CRC patients: Dr. Strickler

Doc Talks

In this DocTalk, Dr. Strickler from Duke University Medical Center talks to Paltown Scientific Director Dr. Manju George about HER2/ERBB2 as an emerging target in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. Recorded in August, 2022.

Table of contents: 

00:00: Introduction
02:45: The promise of Personalized Medicine
05:00: Actionable CRC targets
05:45: HER2 as an actionable target — a circuitous story
07:40: The ErbB family of growth factor receptors
08:17: KRAS mutations and their role
11:20: Evolution of CRC mutational landscape
12:14: HER2 as a target
14:13: Rates of HER2 amplification
17:30: Impact of HER2 amplification
17:50: HER2 as an emerging target in CRC: Key studies
18:03: Pre-clinical data in mouse models
18:36: HERACLES-A Trial (Lapatinib+Traustuzumab)
24:47: MyPathway Trial
28:08: Other trials that tested Traustuzumab+ Pertuzumab
29:20: Case study (58 yo M with metastatic rectal cancer)
33:25: Tucatinib+ Traustuzumab — mouse studies
34:50: The MOUNTAINEER trial: Patient-centric design
42:05: Lapatinib vs Tucatinib
43:13: Side effects seen
47:08: Dual anti-HER2 clinical trial results — comparison table
47:51: DESTINY-CRC-01
52:28: Upcoming HER2 targeted trials
52:37: SWOG-1613
53:23: DESTINY CRC-02
54:12: Tucatinib + Trastuzumab + TAS-102
55:17: Summary
55:50: How Dr. Strickler treats patients with HER2 amplified metastatic CRC
57:15: Q & A

In this ACCRU podcast, Dr. Strickler talks to Dr. Kristin Ciombor about the origins of the MOUNTAINEER trial. This is more of a personal account from Dr. Strickler. He also talks about COLONTOWN’s role in helping him reach patients with HER2 amplifications and how he was able to secure funding for participants’ travel expenses.