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Defining early-onset CRC and improving outcomes for MSI-H rectal cancer: Dr. Cercek

Doc Talks

In this DocTalk, Dr. Andrea Cercek, Founding Co-Director of the Center for Young Onset CRC & GI Cancers at MSKCC, discusses defining disease and improving outcomes for patients with MSI-H rectal cancer with Paltown Scientific Director Dr. Manju George. Recorded in February, 2022.

Table of contents: 

1:35: Definition of YO-CRC and incidence rates
2:48: Questions around the causes for the rise in CRC
3:37: Racial disparities in YO-CRC
4:38: Rising rates of rectal cancer
5:00: Role of the gut microbiome, other factors
8:44: Global rise in YO-CRC
9:26: Overview of the MSKCC Center for YO-CRC
14:10: What is YO-CRC, is it different from regular CRC?
17:14: Cancer biology of YO-CRC tumors?
20:00: All GI cancer rates are increasing & new center for YO CRC & GI cancers
24:19: Dr. Cercek’s trial for MSI-H Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer (LARC)
26:35: Treatment consequences in LARC
28:15: MSI-H LARC
30:50: Trial schema
31:51: Study design & response criteria
33:57: Summary of patient responses — AMAZING results!
35:55: Case details of a sample patient from the trial with images of tumor shrinkage & disappearance
38:26: Conclusions
40:15: Q&A — Details about the trial, duration of Dostarlimab, info on responses of mucinous MSI-H tumor
47:17: Q&A — How does Dostarlimab compare with Pembro? Comments on response to PD-1 inhibitors in early stage MSI-H Rectal cancer, prevalence of LS in MSI-H rectal cancer patients, how this trial compares to the Ipi+Nivo+RT trial for LARC, comments on why 6m of Dostarlimab was chosen, clinical response/side effects in these patients to Dostalrlimab, ctDNA and other analysis