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CtDNA testing for patients undergoing liver resection: Dr. Newhook

Doc Talks

In this DocTalk recorded July 2022, Dr. Tim Newhook from MD Anderson discusses the utility of ctDNA testing in patients with resectable liver mets with Paltown Scientific Director, Dr. Manju George.

Table of contents

00:00: Introduction
0:45: Dr. Newhook tells us about his path to being a liver surgeon
06:00: What are biomarkers?
07:45: Hepatectomy for CRC liver mets — biomarkers needed
10:16: Adj and peri-op chemo therapy for resectable CRC liver mets
12:15: Rationale for preoperative therapy — what is occult disease?
14:40: Tumor mutational profiling
16:18: Role of RAS mutations, & other mutations?
18:20: What is ctDNA? Types of tests?
22:30: What is minimal residual disease?
25:20: CIRCULATE-Japan results
27:00: CtDNA and liver resection, pros & cons
31:40: CtDNA and liver resection: published studies
42:30: Who is at higher risk of MRD after liver resection?
44:22: Predictors of post-op ctDNA detection
46:10: Can ctDNA guide treatment decisions?
47:49: Multi-D management of resectable CRC liver mets
50:00: NCT05062317-Details
56:00: Conclusions
57:30: Q & A