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CtDNA DYNAMIC II clinical trial: Dr. Tie

Doc Talks

In this DocTalk recorded August 2022, Dr. Jeanne Tie from The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Australia discusses her ctDNA DYNAMIC II trial with Paltown Scientific Director, Dr. Manju George.

Table of contents

00:00: Introduction
04:29: Minimal residual disease (MRD)
06:06: Duke’s staging
07:11: AJCC TNM staging
07:50: Adjuvant treatment for early-stage CRC & challenges
08:53: Things tried in stage II Colon cancer
11:00: Better risk stratification in stage II colon cancer
11:59: Clinical dilemma in stage II colon cancer
13:50: Other challenges
15:55: How to move the field forward?
16:30: Circulating tumor DNA, what is it?
18:12: CtDNA detects MRD
19:19: CtDNA dynamic reflects tumor burden in CRC
20:04: Post-op ctDNA detection and what it means
23:29: CtDNA dynamics — Real-time monitoring & its value
25:18: Serial ctDNA — What info does it provide about adjuvant chemo?
26:35: GALAXY trial results: Role of adjuvant chemo?
27:50: The DYNAMIC II trial
30:00: DYNAMIC II — CtDNA assay used
31:02: DYNAMIC II — Main study results
31:35: DYNAMIC II — Additional results
32:25: DYNAMIC II — Summary
35:00: DYNAMIC III — Design
36:19: Post-treatment ctDNA, role?
37:25: Trials for CtDNA positivity after Adj treatment
40:00: Q & A