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Anal cancer developments in 2022: Dr. Eng

Doc Talks

In this DocTalk, Dr. Cathy Eng talks to Paltown Scientific Director Dr. Manju George about how she got into working on anal cancer and gives an overview of the disease, treatments and the clinical trials available in 2022. Recorded in March 2022. 

Table of contents: 

0:30: Introduction
2:00: Young Adult Cancer Center at VICC
3:00: Incidence of anal cancer
3:55: Impact of stage & survival
4:40: Risk factors
5:50: Salient facts
6:55: Pivotal trials for early stage anal cancer
8:14: RTOG 98-11
9:54: ACT II
14:31: Toxicities from chemo-RT
15:29: EA2182
17:02: EA2165
18:14: Regimens for metastatic disease
23:37: InterAACT/EA2133
25:00: KN 158
26:30: NCI9673
28:56: Atezo+bev for metastatic anal cancer
30:51: Pending and ongoing studies
31:51: SCARCE trial
33:34: 1L recruiting trials for metastatic anal cancer patients
36:45: HPV ctDNA in metastatic anal cancer
37:40: Conclusions
38:45: Q & A