Precision Medicine Learning Center

Precision, personalized, targeted – sound like the future? For some CRC patients, it’s already here.

Welcome to the Future

The field of precision medicine – using new tools to understand the specifics of a patient’s tumor, and tailoring treatment based on that information – is quickly changing the landscape for CRC patients. Learn from the experts about what precision medicine is, and how it can contribute to your treatment options.

This Learning Center has been developed by the patients and caregivers of COLONTOWN.

We would like to thank the Precision Medicine Learning Center Inaugural Sponsor:

What Will You Find Here?

An Introduction to Precision Medicine

 We’ve asked some experts – including a very experienced CRC patient – to explain what precision medicine is, and how it is currently being used in colorectal cancer.

Dedicated Sections for Precision Medicine Services

This Learning Center will provide an in-depth look at some of the services now available to patients and their care teams. 

  • At launch (October 2021), we have detailed information from xCures on their xInform platform. xCures has worked with the COLONTOWN University team to provide the first of our dedicated sections as part of their sponsorship of this Center. We look “under the hood” at how xInform takes a patient’s medical records and delivers a ranked set of treatment options to consider. 
  • We also provide a snapshot of several additional precision medicine tools, to give you an idea of what this fast-changing landscape looks like. In the next few months, we hope to add dedicated sections for each of these to help you evaluate each service.