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Where the Docs and Other Experts You!

Get up to speed on everything from immunotherapy to treatment advances for BRAF with video presentations from leading clinicians and researchers. PALTOWN Scientific Director Manju George curates this series for patients and caregivers.

This Learning Center has been developed by the patients and caregivers of COLONTOWN.


What Will You Find Here?

Video-Based Colorectal Cancer Education

You may find some of these videos in our other Learning Centers if the topic is relevant, but the Lecture Hall is your one-stop shop for ALL the great videos we have been creating and collecting from our partners.

Disclaimer: These conversations are not intended to be medical advice. Your care team knows your case the best. Please consult with your care team about your own specific situation. The discussions that are part of DocTalks are intended for general treatment-related information purposes only. The opinions expressed in these videos are from the presenting clinicians and do not represent recommendations from PALTOWN.

What Kinds of Videos Are Featured?
  • Doc Talks: Our COLONTOWN online community hosts regular video discussions with docs on topics ranging from immunotherapy to treating liver metastases. 
  • Patient Presentations: Tap into our amazing network of educated, empowered patients and caregivers. Learn from your peers about what it’s like to get a liver transplant, or how to navigate the clinical trials system.

  • Med School: We’ve partnered with Total Health Conferencing to bring you some of the best “doc-to-doc” resources. Catch up on the latest news from major cancer conferences and listen in as experts discuss new treatment options.

Learning Center Content

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All Things Liver
Peritoneal Metastases
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