Featured Clinical Trials

A short list of currently recruiting CRC trials

Putting the Patient First

This Center offers you complete and clear information about a small number of currently recruiting colorectal cancer clinical trials. The information about specific trials is presented to provide more usable, patient-friendly information than is often available about trials. We hope by building this information out to bring value to patients and encourage trial sponsors to make their information as accessible as possible.

This Learning Center has been developed by the patients and caregivers of COLONTOWN. We invite all CRC patients and caregivers to join one of our 9 clinical trials groups to connect with others considering trials.

What Will You Find Here?

Specific Details About Some Current CRC Trials...

We are working with trial sponsors to provide comprehensive, understandable information about their CRC clinical trials – who is eligible, what it would mean for you to participate, and how to contact an enrolling location. We will be adding more trials to this list over time!

But Be Sure You Start with Our "Basics" Center

Before you dive in here, spend some time in our Clinical Trials Basics Center, where you will find tools

  • to understand the clinical trials landscape
  • to better search the main databases of trials
  • and to put together some of the information about your disease and questions to ask that you will need when considering trial options